Don't wait for the customer to drive by the ad; when you can drive the ad by the customer.

Maximum exposure...

pinpoint accuracy

"We use the truck to advertise our radio network mobile app.  We always know when the truck is rollin', because our mobile app downloads skyrocket.  Circling just one major sporting or concert event, or just getting stuck in traffic, can result in over 1,000 downloads!  We also use the truck to secure a high profile position at conventions and expos.  By far, the truck is our most effective form of direct and active marketing."

Dave Pratt

Your business challenges:

-Locked into traditional media

-Increased costs of media purchases

-Improving ROI

You Are In Control Everyday

-Detailed proof of performance   

-You set the schedule everyday   

-You know where your customers are...we take your message directly to them

The Market Reach Solution:        

Target Marketing at its Best!!

-Redefining the meaning of new media

-Taking the power of billboards; right to your consumer

-Saturate your target market

-Higher top of mind...higher recall

-Power up your sales

​-Break through the clutter of traditional advertising...stand out...WIN BIG


-Get the ultimate exposure for your product

-Absolutely the most affordable advertising you can find

-Giant unforgettable ads - High impact

-Repeated exposure - Unlimited creativity